RemoteCast Installation Steps

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What is RemoteCast?

RemoteCast works by mirroring the active screen that is being viewed on the device onto the dashboard.

Please follow steps below to install RemoteCast:

OS Compatibility Disclaimer
works on any devices from Android 5.1 version to Android 6.1 version.

Step 1 : Install RemoteCast from the dashboard

You need to install RemoteCast Android app from the MobiLock Pro Enterprise store.

Please follow the steps below to publish RemoteCast app on the device:

Step 1.1 : Click on Enterprise store –> My Apps, you will see all the apps provided by MobiLock.

Click on Enterprise store

Step 1.2 : To Request RemoteCast apk on your dashboard,

Click on the RemoteCast tab on the left side bar and then click on Request access to RemoteCast button, as shown in the image below.

Request access to RemoteCast

Step 1.3: You will see a new window, please fill in the details and click on save.

Save Details

The request goes to the support team and you will get a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Remotecast confirmation

Step 1.4: After the request is confirmed by the support team, click on Enterprise Store–>My Apps.

Now, You will see a RemoteCast app as a part of addon apps in your Enterprise Store.

Remotecast request confirmed

Step 1.5 : Click on “Publish” button under the RemoteCast app and then on “Publish APK” button as shown in the image below.

Publish APK

Step 1.6 : You can publish RemoteCast app on the device(s), device profile(s) or device group(s). Please select your prefered choice and then click on “Publish” shown in the image below.


You have successfully published RemoteCast app on the device(s)!

Step 2 : Install RemoteCast app on the device.

Step 3 : Launch RemoteCast App

You need to launch RemoteCast App from your mobile device as it needs certain permissions to function.

Step 3.1 : Launch RemoteCast app that was installed on your device.

Launch RemoteCast app

Step 3.2 : Now on the next screen, click on the “GRANT PERMISSION” option.

Note: We need permission to Draw over Apps to show a STOP button on the app when a RemoteCast session is running.


Step 3.3 Click on the slider slider icon to enable the option, as shown in the image.

Click on the slider

You have now given necessary permissions to the RemoteCast app.

Now you will see a following screen,as shown in the image below.

following screen

Step 4 : Initiate Screen Sharing:

Step 4.1: To initiate the Screen Sharing session, go back to the dashboard, click on the RemoteCast tab on the left sidebar. Now, you will see a list of device(s) that have RemoteCast app installed.

Step 4.2: Click on START SESSION button next to the device you want to start a Screen Sharing session with, as shown in the image below.


Now, you will see a virtual image of your selected device on the dashboard that will display a message saying ”Waiting to start the session”

Waiting to start the session

To view the current screen of the device on the dashboard,

Step 4.2: Click on START SESSION option on the right hand side of the dashboard, (you can also see other details of the device displayed on the top.)


Step 4.3: Now go back to the device, you will see a Popup screen, tap on Okay and proceed, as shown in the image below.

Start Now

Step 4.4: To start capturing the device screen on the dashboard, tap on START NOW option, as shown in the image below.

Start Now

Note:- If you don’t want to see the above screen again, select Don’t show again option.

Now the Screen sharing session will be started on the device.

Screen Sharing

The screen that is currently running on the device will be shown in the virtual image of the device on the dashboard, as shown below.


You have successfully started Screen Sharing session on the dashboard.

Step 4.5: To end the session, you can click on STOP SESSION on the dashboard or the STOP BUTTON buttonon the device, as shown in Image 1 and Image 2


The Screen Sharing session is successfully ended.

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