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MobiLock Pro adds Bulk Enrollment Feature

MobiLock Pro has now eased the device enrollment mechanism with Bulk Enrollment feature. It is possible now for the customers to enroll 500,…
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mobile workforce

5 Ways to Reduce Cost & Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce

Adapting new & affordable technology to increase productivity is the new  mantra that every business is looking to master. Early success shown by…
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Kiosk for Educational

How can a Kiosk Lockdown Software be helpful in Educational Institutions?

Advancement in internet and mobile technologies have changed the dynamics of Education sector. In Digital Education, the way children are learning and facilitators…
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MobiLock Pro helps Small Businesses

How MobiLock Pro helps Small Businesses?

In today’s highly digitized business world, it has become imperative for each small and large businesses, irrespective of any industry, to sync in…
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Another step ahead, Another step closer!!!

Earlier this year we (ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd) completed our three years in business and celebrating this milestone is a great achievement in…
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Single App Kiosk Mode

Turning Android devices into Single App Kiosk Mode

Single App Kiosk Mode means to set an app as the default and make it run all time on the device. The application…
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MobiLock’s new update for Rooted devices

MobiLock can silently install/uninstall applications published from the Enterprise app store in devices that have Samsung Knox and LG Guard activated. However the…
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RemoteCast Installation Steps

What is RemoteCast? RemoteCast works by mirroring the active screen that is being viewed on the device onto the dashboard. Please follow steps…
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Restrict safe mode access on Android devices

Safe mode is used in troubleshooting pesky app problems on your Android device. In safe mode, you won’t be able to open any third…
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Restrict access to unnecessary apps on student mobile devices

Now-a-days instead of gradual developments, technology is taking leaps. In the past decade, Android devices have captured almost every industry. Smartphones and tablets…
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