Digital Signage: What is it about? Digital revolution with its outstanding outcomes is changing the way business is done. Out of various digital technologies, digital signage is one such great tool that is helping businesses take customer experience to a next level. It is widely used in restaurants and resorts, retail stores and malls, museums, […]

What are Push Notifications? Push Notifications send a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers send them at any time to the users, which helps them stay informed about the updates in real time. Users do not necessarily need to access the apps or use the device to receive them. Likewise, Apple […]

It brings us great delight to inform our customers, prospects, and associates, introducing Windows 10 Modern Device Management Platform. All these years, it has been our pleasure as well as a learning experience serving you to meet your challenges with Android and iOS MDM solutions. Understanding your requirements to manage devices of different platforms and […]

Emerging digital technologies like Mobility, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Big Data, AI (called as Digital Five Forces) has brought a paradigm shift in the way people and organizations work, big or small across different industries. And out of all these recent technologies, mobility is considered as the face of the enterprise to their clients as […]

Employers & employees are now able to use mobile technology at their advantage by using different devices to get their work done. If these devices are corporate-owned devices, then an effective MDM strategy can enable employees to be even more productive using mobile devices irrespective of place and time. The requirement of an MDM Solution […]

It is no surprise today that Apple is dominating personal users as well as enterprises. Since 2007, when the first iPhone came out, it enabled users to sync their emails, contacts, and calendars between their phone and work. Then came the iPad, which shook up the enterprise market once again in 2010. Since iPhone and […]

Smartphones have entered the organizations and widely used for work purposes, as more and more organizations are realizing the power of a flexible work environment. In a flexible work environment, employees access organizational data and content on mobile devices from any place on the globe, at any time. This helps employees in striking a balance […]

With a variety of smartphones and tablets flooding the market, Android mobile devices are used by all for personal purposes as well as for work & business. On the personal side, young adults and teenagers are considered to be a smart-phone generation spending a considerable amount of their time on these gadgets. As a result […]

For iOS devices, despite Safari is a good browser, since it does not allow to whitelist websites, it is not suitable to use in the kiosk environment. Hence MobiLock has come out with ProSurf Kiosk Browser. It is customized & a secure browser for iOS that lockdown your iPad & iPhone into an interactive kiosk. […]

TechRadar has ranked MobiLock Pro as one of the best out of 5 MDM Solutions of 2018! MobiLock has earned this ranking as TechRadar found it as an efficient enabler to the organizations to achieve secured enterprise mobility with Android devices. Previously, there was a lot of concern about increasing usage of the Android devices […]