If you are ready to embrace BYOD in your culture, chances are you have evaluated the challenges and are now contemplating to put in place a robust BYOD policy that will effectively protect your sensitive business information, keeping in mind employee’s interests. We list five policy concerns and best practices to follow while you get […]

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is commonly being adopted in a modern work environment for providing flexibility and enhancing productivity. As employees become tech-savvy, devices evolve and there are technological innovations, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will continue to transform. Let’s look at some of the futuristic BYOD trends: 1. Outsource Mobile Management Enterprises have […]

The present tech-savvy generation finds comfort and flexibility in using their personal devices for work purposes, and organizations are keen to adopt BYOD policy, for it increases productivity, reduces cost, and can be implemented at scale with the help of solutions like Mobile Device Management for BYOD. BYOD comes with attractive benefits as well as […]

Employee-owned mobile devices have become ubiquitous in a corporate setting as organizations are confronting the growing needs to provide flexible remote work options, which makes it necessary to formalize the approach of Enterprise Mobility. What is Enterprise Mobility? Enterprise Mobility is an approach that allows employees to work from anywhere and anytime using certain smart […]

The rising popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) within the modern-day office culture is indicative of its growing success amongst employees. Especially, for the freedom to bring their own devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. to their workplace – nevertheless, it’s also convenient and more efficient, as they can work from anywhere. Organizations supporting […]

Today’s employees are more comfortable using their own devices for both work and personal use and the employers too are supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy as it offers more convenience and flexibility, which increases productivity and efficiency of their workforce. But the plethora of devices that can now connect to the secure network […]

Remote work is gaining popularity as it gives the employees the much-needed work-life balance, along with a flexible and comfortable work environment. It also enables organizations to scale up easily without investing much in the resources. Companies are exploring varied technologies to seamlessly support, manage and streamline the device deployment options and processes to mitigate […]

Modern-day employees need a workplace that gives them the agility and ability to innovate, share, and implement from wherever they are. A smart work environment is comfortable, interconnected, and empowers the team to engage, collaborate and be efficient and productive. Mobility is pivotal to a digital workplace and technologies like mobile device management and enterprise […]