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Lockdown of Android Tablets for Business Purpose

  • April 17, 2018

Many businesses provide mobile devices & tablets to their employees as a part of mobility implementation drive, which offers flexibility, and promises to improve the work efficiency. And, with the expectation of increasing the overall productivity and growth. But with more and more use of mobile devices, there are various measures which organizations have to implement to keep business data & devices secured. Here, we will try to emphasize the importance of lockdown of Android tablets for business purpose.

There are various risks which the companies face in providing the tablets to the employees.

The challenges which companies face are that smartphones & tablets which in fact are provided to the employees for the work purpose can be misused for other purposes as well, like playing games, social media access, watching videos and movies, etc. Employees may even download other apps which may harm the devices and the business data on it, as third-party apps contain malicious code. And, of course, no organization expects such kind of activities from their employees. Sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, the devices get stolen or misplaced, which is again a threat if accessed by any person who is not an employee of the organization. Thus, data, content, and devices are on the risk.

[Note: For iPad Check: Lockdown of iPads for Business Use]

How to mitigate these risks?

Any risk mitigation strategies generally taken are either avoid the risks, live with the risk or face the risk by taking proper mitigation methods.

One of the methods that the companies should consider is integrating their Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Kiosk Lockdown Software Solutions.

How can you Lockdown Android Tablets for Business Purpose?

The most straightforward answer is Kiosk Lockdown Software. It remotely monitors, manages and controls all the corporate-owned smartphones & tablets over the cloud by locking them down in kiosk mode. One such solution is MobiLock Pro MDM Solution.

You can bulk enrol all the mobile devices without any hassle and thereafter can have either Single App Mode, Multi-App Mode or Kiosk Browser Lockdown on the Android tablets, depending on the business requirements… What is the difference?

Single App Mode – In single app mode, you can lock Android tablet to one website or the application and auto-launch the same whenever the tablets reboot.

Multi-App Mode – This mode users/employees are allowed to access multiple selected apps but without meddling with the device hardware and software settings.

Kiosk Lockdown browser – MobiLock browser allows access to only specific websites which are whitelisted and restrict access to all other websites which are not business relevant or which organization does not wish that employees access to the tablets.

Key benefits of MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown Software

  • Locks down mobile devices into kiosk mode
  • Configure employee device remotely
  • Restrict employees’ web surfing activities to permissible apps only by blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Restrict users from playing games, browsing, or installing unapproved mobile apps
  • Control user access to device peripherals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, Airplane mode, Audio, GPS, etc.
  • Restrict user from changing the hardware and security settings
  • Custom branding with your own corporate logo and wallpaper

Thus, MobiLock Kiosk Lockdown protects data and increases employee productivity by controlling access.

Other outstanding features of MobiLock Pro

Mobile Application Management – MobiLock Enterprise Store

Mobile Application Management

It provides a common platform for in-house or commercial apps on the dashboard. It enables

  • Uploading apps
  • Deploying to the registered devices or the group of devices
  • Managing the apps which means, remotely updating or unpublishing the apps from the devices and/or deleting from the Enterprise Store.
Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management

MCM enables to create a centralized content repository on the dashboard. It supports various file formats. IT admin can manage all the content from the dashboard and remotely distribute it to the devices or group of devices.

Remote Cast & Control

Remote Cast & Control

With MobiLock Remote Control Software you can view and control a remote device as if they are physically in your hand, from the MobiLock Dashboard. You need not check the device issues in-person or communicate device issues through email or phone calls. Once configured, IT admins can troubleshoot issues with user devices remotely. This feature currently works on Samsung KNOX supported, Sony, LG, Lenovo and rooted devices that run on Android version 5.0 and onwards.

Remote Cast mirrors the active screen of the Android device on the administrator’s dashboard giving real-time information about the device’s current activity. It allows you to provide remote support for Android phones and tablets that do not support remote control. This feature currently works on all devices that run on Android version 5.0 and onwards.

EVA monitoring App


EVA is a smart monitoring app which manages devices that are registered with MobiLock Pro by giving real-time alerts updates & notifications about your devices and MobiLock account. It also suffices as a business messenger that allows you to have two-way chats with your remote employees.

Other benefits which companies get are –

  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Passcode enforced exit from kiosk mode
  • Employee focus will be riveted only on work-related apps
  • Restricted internet access saves data cost

Thus, by locking down of Android tablets for business purpose, companies can reduce many risks which they may face in mobility implementation. This way, they can leverage the best of mobility in their organization.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for MobiLock Pro on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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