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Simplified Handheld Rugged Device Management

  • February 12, 2018

Mobile users in the healthcare, construction, retail, manufacturing, distribution and transportation verticals work in the harsh environment and need handheld Rugged Devices that can work under such extreme conditions. These devices are designed to withstand more physical mishandling than conventional devices to survive severe conditions.

Rugged Device Management in Manufacturing


Generally, rugged smartphones and tablets are typically corporate owned and are shared by multiple employees throughout shift schedules in many industries. Since they are deployed at different locations away from the office premise and used by the number of employees in different shifts, it is essential for organizations to manage them by Cloud-based mobile device management applications to restrict their usage for the job purpose and avoid any other misuse.

Rugged Device Management - Growth Rate


MobiLock Pro (MLP) provides a simple yet efficient solution to enroll, configure and manage semi and fully ruggedized tablets, smartphones, and handheld scanners running on Android.
It provides –

      * Quick Deployment
      * Remote Device Management
      * Enterprise App Management
      * Remote Support through MLP RemoteCast

Quick Deployment – Rugged Devices are generally deployed outside the office premises and away from IT department, on the manufacturing shop floor or at the construction site or mounted in the vehicles. So, it is essential that enrolment process for these devices is easy. MobiLock Pro supports bulk enrolment with a configuration file or by using IMEI login, which seamlessly registers the number of devices in one shot. And, since MLP is a scalable platform, deployments can be easily scaled up to support a growing number of Android Rugged Devices in an organization.

Remote Rugged Device Management -After enrolment, MLP provides seamless visibility into managed devices by IT Admin, enabling him to track and get important information, such as device health information, network information, internal & custom apps and other attributes.
It also performs remote actions from the MLP dashboard such as sending messages, track the location of the devices, set up a virtual fence of the devices by geo-fencing and more. If a device is lost or compromised, you get the real-time notification and can take necessary actions on time.

Enterprise App Management – MobiLock Pro enables to upload apps, including organization’s internally developed ones on a common platform – MobiLock Enterprise Store. After uploading, you can deploy on devices and further schedule its updates. It also enables silent installation of the apps to rooted rugged devices.

The whitelisting of the apps ensure that only approved applications are installed on the devices. From the MobiLock Dashboard, admin is able to manage apps deployed to rugged devices, he can view installed applications, app versions and app status on the devices. For certain use cases such as the kiosk, MLP provides IT with options to easily configure in a single or multi-app mode and prevent user access to settings. It also enables to customize device branding i.e. background theme, size, and configuration of icons, and specify available settings.

Remote Support through MLP RemoteCast – With RemoteCast, IT and support teams can easily manage, monitor & support remote corporate-owned rugged devices. This significantly increases productivity and reduce downtime.

     * Remotely connect and access any device from the MLP dashboard with the help of Remote Cast
     * View any device’s screen in real-time as if it were in your hand.
     * Resolve problems faster with immediate information about device, device profiles, and more


Since organizations have realized the need for using Rugged Devices in harsh working conditions in various industries, it calls for a Kiosk Lockdown Software which is systematic in its approach and caters to the functionalities of these devices.

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About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for MobiLock Pro on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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